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This church will share with anyone the one true way to KNOW—100%—how you can go to Heaven. 


The church community builds up one another, helping, welcoming, loving, and integrating new people into our lives and friendships. We pray and rally around each other, and have seen cancer vanish, bodies healed, and the hand of God working in our daily lives.


Instruction for life. Help. Real growth. We won’t just tell you about the Bible, we’ll teach you how to live by it and how to put your faith in action. We believe all the Bible: sin is still sin and God is still God. Classes and preaching are practical, down-to-earth lessons relevant to everyday life—church the way it used to be.

Our Mission

The three main purposes of Harvest Baptist Church are to glorify God, win lost souls, and edify believers. We believe that the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) is the marching orders for all churches today. We endeavor to use honorable, wise, and effective means to obey God's commands and fulfill His purpose for our church. A major emphasis of our ministry is challenging, preparing, and equipping people to be laborers in God's work.

Join us this Sunday and experience for yourself why you should come here.
We know that you could go anywhere,
and we would love for you to choose here.

Pastor Ryan K.

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